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Virtually every home, commercial setting and industrial facility has microprocessor-driven electronic equipment. This equipment is vulnerable to the disruptive and damaging effects of transient voltage surges, voltage sags and power outages.

Surges and spikes from nearby lightning strikes, arc - welders and high voltage cables can destroy or disrupt unprotected electronic equipment. These destructive forces enter mains power circuits within buildings by a variety of methods and cause powerful surges.

The primary route is where power - often 'dirty' and spike-laden - actually enters the building and it is at this point that surges should be stopped in order to prevent them from propagating further. However, surges and RFI can also corrupt mains power supplies from within the building.

By providing power protection at the main distribution board and then at each piece of equipment, mains power borne surges and spikes are eliminated before they can cause damage. Mains power protection is fundamental.

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