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• Control all of the components in your home theater system with one simple, powerful remote.
• A simple on-screen television menu makes it easy to browse and select music, movies, temperature, lights and more.
• Use your Control4 System Remote to adjust the lights or turn up the temperature from the comfort of your couch.

• Access and control your music from a variety of Control4 interfaces.
• Listen to multiple zones of music from your computer, external hard drive or MP3 player from anywhere in your home.
• Integrate your lights and music to create a comfortable wakeup scene to replace your alarm clock.
• Press the goodnight button to turn off all of the lights in your home over a 5 minute period.
• Dim the lights in your theater automatically when you start a movie.
• Use your bedside touch screen to turn on and off the lights from bed.
• Turn up the temperature from your control4 System Remote if you get cold during a movie.
• Adjust the temperature from your bedside touch screen if you get hot or cold during the night.
• Turn your lights & music off and set your home to goodnight mode with the touch of a button.
• Login to to remotely monitor and control your lights, temperature, security system and more from any internet connection in the world.
• Receive email alerts if your teenagers sneak out during the night.
• Use motion sensors to turn lights on and ward off potential burglars at night.
• Make it look like you are home while away by automatically turning on the porch lights at sunset.
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