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A good home security system brings you peace of mind. We know that one of the most valuable things in your life is your family. That is why we offer a wide variety of security solutions for your home to deter criminals and to notify the authorities if you experience a break-in, fire or medical emergency.

We have integrated our security system with the new available technologies. Now, we are able to control your security system, audio, video, HVAC, and lights with a touch of a button.

The advantage we offer to you is our depth of security knowledge. When it comes to home or business alarm systems we go into great depth in our questioning. This discussion, combined with a comprehensive security review of your premises allows us to focus on your concerns as well as our observation of your vulnerable areas. We then create an in-depth recommendation that best meets your specific needs.

An R & M Systems Group home or business security system starts with a basic system design centered on the most vulnerable areas and also offers equipment options to increase your security and safety. Our systems are competitively priced and will meet requirements for insurance and other required standards.


Your system isn't complete without being connected to our state of the art U.L. monitoring center. Our professional and courteous monitoring staff will promptly handle your security and life safety concerns. We're there 24-hours per day to ensure you have the peace of mind you need.

The integration of video surveillance to your security will give you a higher level of protection, especially with the new digital video systems. The Analog, VHS-based monitoring and recording systems have given way to the new technology - Digital. Digital means real time, immediate information delivery. Digital means sharper image quality and limitless image storage ability. Digital is easy. CDs, DVDs, and online file sharing are now commonplace.

Digital Video Surveillance offers a wealth of advantages over older Analog Age systems. Digital systems are easy to use and offer instant, real time information that can be easily streamed over the internet, or any remote system you may choose. It also gives you the integration tools necessary to be part your home systems and automation controls.
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