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● Keypads

Keypads are wall-mounted keypads that are installed instead of traditional light switches and dimmers. One control station can take the place of up to nine dimmers and toggle switches. They have no visible mounting hardware and are available in a variety of configurations, styles, and colors. Each button can be both an on/off and a dimmer switch. Any control station button can be programmed to control any light, device or system, or combination of lights, devices or systems inside and outside your home or commercial space. A variety of control station specialty products are available to allow homeowners the maximum range of system control options, including humid location stations, waterproof stations and hand-held remote controllers.

● Central Control Unit (CCU)

All LUTRON Systems are controlled by a Central Control Unit (CCU), which is the brain of the system. It receives switch press information from the keypads, processes the commands, and transmits the instructions to the control modules. It retains switch and load assignment information indefinitely, even during a power outage or spike. Best of all, LiteTouch CCUs are easily reprogrammed at any time to suit your changing needs and lifestyle.

● Control Modules

LUTRON Control Modules are the self-contained units that provide the actual dimming and switching. They are capable of dimming incandescent, low voltage, electronic low voltage, fluorescent, electronic ballasted fluorescent, neon, and cold cathode loads. Modules also drive such devices such as motorized window treatments and skylights. LiteTouch offers steel enclosures for surface or recess mounting two or four control modules per enclosure

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